COVID-19 Prayer

by Dean Rerekura

God of All

You are Lord of everything,
including galaxies and germs, planets and pandemics, vast expanses
and virus emergencies.

We ask for your grace and mercy to fall on this world that you have made.

Where there is fear - please bring rest.
Where there is confusion - please intervene.

Where there is anger - please bring peace.
Where there is sickness - please bring a miracle.

Please give help and healing to those who are suffering sickness, and comfort and compassion to those who are grieving.

Please bring insight, guidance and world-wide collaboration to those in laboratories seeking a cure.

Please put a hedge of protection around public places and private homes, medical personal and emergency workers.

We thank you for your love for those most at risk to this virus, and while COVID-19 is no respecter of the elderly and vulnerable, we can know that all are precious to you.

We thank you for your call to your people to be agents of compassion and care to those who are suffering.

So help us to show generous Samaritan love to the hurting, at a cost to ourselves.

Do not let your church walk past in this moment, turning away from those scared and confused and suffering.

Lord God, we pray and call on your mighty name:
  • We pray for a cure.
  • We pray for you to be glorified in this.
  • We pray for you to be known as the True and Living God at this time.
  • We pray for the nations to cry out to you, and when they do, that you show yourself, undeniably, to be the - God of all