We go so they may know

by Dean Rerekura

so that all the peoples of the earth may know that the Lord is God and that there is no other.

1 Kings 8:60

We go, so that the whole world may know.
In a world that is dark, where tears left a mark.
No matter where you are, your sin has scarred.
And the memories that bind, the conflict in the mind.
Leave us all to plead, for provision of our need, and for one who will indeed, in our lives sow a seed.

A seed that promises birth, the hope that I have worth.
Deep down in my soil, to put an end to my toil.
That will grow roots and shoots and will in me produce fruit.
To nourish my soul and fill and deep hole and instead of cold coal, a diamond is the goal.

We have such good news, so let’s put on our shoes, and go to distant shores, or knock on closed doors.
Just say hello, so that they might know, that a light does glow, and hope can grow.

So today, please go now, that all might bow, to the one who has come, the only God’s Son, to give life, end the strife and give new life.

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